The Travelling Sloth is nominated for: Versatile Blogger Award

Woo! December was an exciting month for The Travelling Sloth. Apart from celebrating Christmas in Myanmar, I’m proud to announce that I’ve been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by Mandy! It’s always an amazing feeling to receive some recognition for all your hard work so a huge thank you for the nomination, Mandy.
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As part of accepting this award, it is customary to share 7 facts, so you can learn a bit more about me. Since I’ve already written about my childhood and upbringing,  I’ll include more fun facts for this, hopefully, things you never knew about me.

Versatile Blogger Award: 7 Fun Facts

1. Besides running The Travelling Sloth, being an online English Tutor and working at a nightclub, I am currently completing my Masters in Engineering (I hold a B.Eng in Petroleum Engineering). I’m a low key workaholic, sometimes.

Sometimes chartering your own boat isn’t all that bad.

2. To avoid missing my flight home, I had to charter my own boat from Gili Trawangan (Indonesia) to Lombok. I was told the wrong information about ferry departures by the employees at my guesthouse and blindly followed without checking. I had to get on that flight because I was starting my internship the following day.

3. My first solo trip was to Cambodia, mid-2013 where I was robbed and had to cut my trip short to fly home as a result. I barely have any photos from the trip as my camera was stolen.

A couple of days in Don Det, Laos, before getting confirmation I was accepted into my Masters’ program.

4. I am a bit of an adult child so I didn’t leave the nest until I was 21. Prior to moving my life to Norway, I backpacked around South East Asia for 10 weeks. I received my confirmation letter 3 weeks before my masters’ program started and had to cut my trip short to get settled in Norway.

5. The only tattoo I have is on my foot and it reads Love born in the ocean in Sanskrit. I got it when I was 18 whilst on a family trip to Phuket, Thailand.

6. Despite my fear my heights, I’ve been both sky-diving and bungee jumping. I actually went sky-diving 2 days before my exams because, why not? Procrastination was ... sky high 😉

7. Fortunately, I’ve never fractured or broken a bone. Every time I go snowboarding, I’m petrified I might! Knock on wood.

Bonus fact: I hate wearing shoes.


The best thing about accepting the Versatile Blogger Award is that I’m now able to nominate other deserving bloggers. Boom, check out these lovely people.

Doro HenriettaShe’s a solo female traveller with a focus on budget travelling. A firm believer that travel is the best teacher with hopes to inspire and share her experiences with everyone.

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Ella @ Wide-Eyed Wanderer: Fellow bi-cultural blogger, Ella, is a travel enthusiast, curious about other cultures and the world she lives in. A girl with a big heart, Ella’s first solo adventure was at 21 where she volunteered at a special needs school and women’s empowerment camp in Kenya.

Creative Travel Guide: Katie and Calum are the brains behind this amazing site. They are a couple travelling the world, writing and producing inspiring content. They know the heartache of missing out on certain destinations, cuisines or even architecture, which was what inspired them to start CTG.

8 Duffles and 2 Mutts: Families who have taken life on the road always inspire me. In this case, this Iowan family sold everything to move their lives to Ecuador with their two toddlers and mutts. Their quest is to live more with less and focus on a healthier lifestyle through natural eating and living.

Outside the Bubble UK: LJ is an English-Greek Cypriot writer who has lived in various countries. She certainly has quite the schedule for 2017! Apart from writing her first novel, she’s training for her first triathlon (to raise money for Alzheimer Charities) AND she’ll be travelling around the world to destinations such as North America, East Asian and Europe.


The Versatile Blogger Award rules are quite simple, really.

  1. Thank the nominator.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate a bunch of other bloggers 🙂

You can always post the Versatile Blogger Award badge anywhere on your website! Well, that’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about myself. To the nominees: I look forward to reading all your fun facts!

Peace, love and good vibes.

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  1. Thank you very much for your nomination and I loved the seven facts about you. Great blog can’t wait to read more posts.

  2. Thanks again for the nomination Caroline 🙂 I know that the “blogger award” posts are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love reading them as I always discover new blogs this way 🙂

  3. Congrats on your award, you definitely deserved it! Keep being motivational!

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