Visual Diary: Winter in Stavanger, Norway

For the last year and a half, I’ve been living in the South-Western corner of Norway in a city called Stavanger. Dubbed the Oil Capital of Norway, it is home to the famous Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). Most people envision Norway blanketed in snow during the winter however, that isn’t always the case here.  Similar to its “Across the Pond” relative – Scotland, it is accustomed to a lot of rain (about two-thirds of the year).

Regardless, for about a fortnight in January this year; white, fluffy snow fell instead of a torrential downpour. Luckily for me, I managed to go around the city capturing its wintery beauty. Winter is well underway this season and I’m hoping for more snowfall. It was continuously snowing last month while back at my parents’ house in Eastern Norway!

Let me take you on a visual journey around Stavanger, showing how beautiful snow makes everything.


Sverd i fjell (Swords in Rock)

This is a commemorative monument represents the unity of the 3 kingdoms of Norway. It is located along the shores of Hafrsfjord, 10 mins drive from the city center. A little trivia fact: this is where the battle for a Norwegian unity was fought back in 872.


In the surrounding area, there is a park perfect for summer BBQs and if you’re game, a refreshing dip. The waters can be a bit chilly if you’re not used to it. In winter, the body of water from the sand banks up to the mid point of the jetty freezes over.



This is a telecommunications tower located near the University of Stavanger. Sat on a small hill, you can climb half way up the building for a bird’s eye perspective of the surrounding areas. From here, you can see Stavanger Sentrum, Hafrsfjord and Sandnes in the distant. It is also my personal spot to go for amazing views overlooking the fjord and mountains!


Godalen Badeplass

This local’s bathing spot is a 30 min walk from the center. Diving boards, beach volleyball courts and BBQs are available during the summer. If you’re looking for a spot for some peace and quiet away from the city, this would be my go to.


On the left side of Godalen, there is a path taking you through the woods with amazing views over the water. If you’re lucky for the geomagnetic rating to be high enough, you can see the Northern Lights from this spot! This is actually where I witness Lady Green dancing for the first time. She was indeed quite a sight…



Månafossen is the tallest waterfall in the Rogaland County, standing at 92m. Located an hour and a half drive east of Stavanger,  it makes for a nice getaway from the city. If you’re coming to Norway, it’ll be silly not to experience any of the hikes – if you’re able to. For a relatively easy hike and caution on the slippery trails, you can access Månafossen all year around. There is a small farm called Mån situated at the top of the falls and surrounded by mountain tops. It really does make you feel tiny.

Despite being Norway’s 4th largest city, is often an overlooked by visitors to Norway. It has some stunning hikes that you can take advantage of. Although it is one of Norway’s wettest city (Bergen holds the overall title), for a couple of weeks each year, you’re able to experience the city as a winter wonderland.

Would you like to visit this city in the winter?

Peace, love and good vibes.

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  1. This looks gorgeous! I visited Stavanger in the summer (sunsets at midnight!) but looks just as lovely in the winter. How lucky to live in such a place!

  2. These are some really incredible pictures. You certainly have a great eye for capturing what’s in front of you and Norway is a perfect subject!

  3. Stavanger looks lovely – beautiful photos! Yet another place to add to my list of places to visit in Norway 🙂 Would definitely visit in Winter, I didn’t know that you can see the Northern Lights from there!

  4. Scandinavian countries are so beautiful and high on my bucket. Norway is one of them and really want to visit Norway asap. This post making me more excited to visit the Norway. what is the temperature in winters here?

  5. The whole place looks so raw, simple and elegant. I love a place which is surrounded by water, I think water makes it more beautiful. I just won’t have enough courage to take a dip in it, it looks really cold even from the photos. :p

  6. Your photos are brilliant! I’ve never been to Norway but seeing these photos make me want to book a trip there, asap!

  7. There’s something about winter in Norway that is so magical. I would be inclined to say it’s either the snow, or the soft, beautiful light!

  8. Looks beautiful ! The swords are really cool – haven’t seen photos of those yet!

  9. Stravanger has some rugged beauty. Too bad it only has a short window to be a winter wonderland. Great job capturing and sharing how beautiful it is in the winter.

  10. Loved your photographs. Norway seems to be stunningly beautiful during the winters. Thanks for sharing

  11. Another question about about Stravanger. What is the driest time of year? After more thought, we’re considering hiking some of those gorgeous mountains, but we like to avoid getting totally wet. When is the best time for hiking?

  12. Stavangar looks spectacular. This post comes as a refreshing new perspective of Norway. Norway is a dream destination for us and we hope the dream comes true some day.

  13. These photos are stunning. You’ve done a great job capturing the beauty of this city in winter…it looks positively magical! I hope you get your wish for snow soon 🙂

  14. Stavanger looks like such a great place to visit, especially in the winter! Your pictures are incredible too! Would love to visit Norway, it seems so enchanting 🙂

  15. Ah, it looks so beautiful! Stavanger (and the whole region and the fjords) have been on my bucket list for a while now, I’m really hoping I can visit next year! 🙂

  16. Norway is such a dream and everything we read about Norway seems surreal to us. Stavanger looks like a lovely location and Ullandhaugtarnet has some of the gorgeous views of the mountains.

  17. Snow really does make everything beautiful. I’m from Australia so I feel very romantic about it. What an experience it would be to live somewhere like Stavanger. I wish you more snow than rain this winter!

  18. I usually chase the sun and escape as much of winter as possible lol. Norway in winter looks spectacular and you may have just change my mind ?

  19. Norway looks straight out of fairy-tale story. Would love to visit all the places you have mention someday especially Manafasson. My cousin stays there and she keeps raving about the country.

  20. This place looks amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience there and your beautiful photos. You make it really look appealing.

  21. How does one dip into the waters in such cold weather? I shudder to think about taking my jacket off, haha!

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