The writer

Hi, I’m Caroline!


I’m 23 years old and based out of Norway.
A Singaporean born Norwegian, growing up as a third culture kid, life as I knew it then and now is consistently on the move. Currently, I am extending the student life by pursuing a Master’s degree.

Since turning 18, I’ve travelled to 20 countries (and counting). My passion for travel and adventuring has been harvested ever since I was young and it isn’t slowing down any time soon. I am scuba diver, hiker, backpacker and outdoor addict. Needless to say, I am an avid adventure seeker. I’m inspired by the world and my curiosity to discover is what drives me.

The Travelling Sloth started out as a personal project to bring my love of moving and seeking to a whole new level by inspiring you to explore through my tips, guides and stories focused on solo travel, backpacking and the great outdoors. Through my posts, I aim to be transparent and honest with you, my readers by sharing all the positives of travelling but not skimping out on the negatives.

What’s next?
While I am still working on completing my degree, I still make time to travel to different countries or get lost in my backyard of Norway. I’ve currently got two trips in the pipelines; heading to Austria for a ski trip and back to Myanmar. Apart from these upcoming plans, I’m in the process of deciding which region I should explore next post graduation.
Until then, I’m going to let my curious soul wander and see where it takes me.

Where have I been?

These are my tales from the road. Enjoy!
Peace, love and good vibes.