A local’s guide to Norwegian Nature

Welcome to the Norwegian Nature Guide! – Part one of a comprehensive guide to Norway that I’m putting together. Its picturesque mountains, beautiful fjords and never-ending forests usually blow most people whom have visited Norway away. It’s not hard to see why everyone gazes out in disbelief that such a place exists. This country has so […]

Been there, Don Det

When you think of Laos, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang usually spring to mind. Don Det is one of the most underrated places in South East Asia and a place where time slows right down. It is part of what is known as The 4 000 Islands near the Laos-Cambodian border, surrounded by the Mekong River. During my travels last […]

Growing up as a Third-Culture Kid

In today’s day and age, our world is becoming more globalised by the second. There are more people travelling, exploring, living and working in foreign countries than ever before and inter-racial families are on the rise. There’s an increase of families taking life on the road and raising their children in cultures different to their own. These kids […]

Budget Guide: London

I’m a sucker for budget friendly destinations. My main reason for keeping my distance for the longest time was purely the cost of travel. I know what you’re about to say… “But Caroline, you’re from Norway… Surely London isn’t THAT expensive”. You’re right except I prefer to stretch my dollar as much as I possibly can. […]

The dark side of travelling

Most people only talk about all the good things that happened during their travels; the beautiful places, the amazing cuisines, the captivating culture and the people. It’s all rainbows and butterflies, which for the most part it is. I’ve been travelling (predominantly) solo for 3 years now and have since visited 17 countries. As a […]