A local’s guide to Norwegian Nature

Welcome to the Norwegian Nature Guide! – Part one of a comprehensive guide to Norway that I’m putting together. Its picturesque mountains, beautiful fjords and never-ending forests usually blow most people whom have visited Norway away. It’s not hard to see why everyone gazes out in disbelief that such a place exists. This country has so […]

Hiking: Kjeragbolten

This Instagram famous rock is not for the fate hearted, wedged between two cliffs, it sits about 1100m above Lysefjord. Kjeragbolten attracts base jumpers, paragliders and adrenaline fuelled hikers keen to stand on the boulder. Although a popular hike, it is considered one of the more challenging treks around the area because of the steep faces. Located about […]

Hiking: Preikestolen

Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) is one of the most visited, if not most hiked, natural attractions in Norway. It is easy to see why. A squared rock formation standing at about 600m, overlooking Lysefjord, it is a sight to behold. Situated about an hour and half from Stavanger in Western Norway, it is easily accessible by bus and […]